Jack Harlow explains why Eminem is “immortal”
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Jack Harlow explains why Eminem is "immortal"

Jack Harlow has talked about his love of Eminem and said the iconic rapper is “immortal”.

Last week, Harlow released new song ‘First Class’, which has already become the fastest-selling single of 2022 in the United States. It shifted over 100,000 units within the first 24-hours of release and looks certain to give the rapper his debut number one on the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist.

The success of his new single is largely down to it going viral on Tik-Tok, and there’s no doubt that Harlow looks set to be the next king of rap. One of his heroes is Eminem, and in a new cover feature with Rolling Stone, he’s paid tribute to the “immortal” Marshall Mathers.

“I think that shit is still forever immortal and we’re gonna get back to it,” Harlow explained. “We’re a couple years away from everyone reviving that shit as a culture and being like, ‘Look at this shit.”

He added: “Everyone’s gonna pay their rightful respects again. No matter how the production ages to people, he put so much into his words that it immortalised him, even though that shit aged as ‘circus music’ to [some] people.”

Elsewhere in the same interview, Harlow also revealed that he’s turned down high-profile features and explained why he’s deliberately selective about who he works with.

“You won’t believe what I’ve turned down, because this pocket we’ve got right now is fragile, man,” he said. “I’ve turned down so much shit that would have been a big ol’ bag.”