Jack Harlow calls out the only group that hates him
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Jack Harlow calls out the only group that hates him

Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow has been making music on the underground for over a decade. The ‘First Class’ musician rose to the top quite quickly and is among the few respected white rappers in the game currently. Since signing with DJ Drama’s Generation Now record label in 2018, the young artist has achieved incredible things and has quite the following.

However, over the years, in a genre dominated by African Americans, the artist has noticed that, while online, he only sees hate from one group in particular, and it wasn’t from whom he had expected.

Fortunately, the Louisville act has found a way to deal with it. In an interview with the esteemed magazine Rolling Stone, Harlow spoke about his haters, stating, “They say the worst things you can imagine! ‘This guy’s f*cking hideous. He’s disgusting. He looks dirty. He looks f*cking gross.'”

However, Harlow shed some light on the comments and unveiled that “the bulk of hatred was coming from, like, other white boys.” Fortunately for the Kentucky musician, he has built up resilience over the years, declaring, “It builds up to so much, the same way the love builds up to so much that it starts to mean nothing to you.”

He continued, “Just the same way when I read like, ‘Oh, he’s cute.’ When you see enough of those, you just realize people are either happy or unhappy. That’s how I see it.”

In Harlow’s song ‘Tyler Herro’ he addressed the online hate from his white fans, rapping, “The ones that hate me the most look just like me / You tell me what that means / Make a slick comment and see what that brings.”

Expanding on his army of haters, Harlow told Rolling Stone, “I felt like the bulk of hatred was coming from like, other white boys, or very well-educated white guys were writing think pieces on me and trying to discredit me. Then I started to realize, well, this isn’t a unique situation. So I felt like well, let’s make this bigger than me.”

You can hear ‘Tyler Herro’ below.