Macklemore says white rappers like Eminem are “guests” in hip-hop
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Macklemore says white rappers like Eminem are "guests" in hip-hop

Macklemore has said that he and Eminem are guests in hip-hop. The comment was made during a recent interview with CBS Mornings, during which Macklemore was asked how he feels about being a white rapper in a “predominantly Black genre.”

Macklemore agreed with the idea that rap purists regard white rappers as “guests”. The rapper continued: “I think it’s true. It is true and I agreed.”

“If you look at the origin of where hip-hop came from and what was happening in New York City and what was happening in the Bronx. And the way that Black people and people of color been treated historically from the jump, this music was birth out of oppression.”

He continued: “Hip-Hop is inclusive so there’s always been an open door to a certain extent…but I’m a guest, Em’s [Eminem] a guest,” he continued. “Doesn’t matter how good we get. Doesn’t matter how great Eminem is. We’re guests in the culture. A hundred per cent.”

Concluding, the ‘Heroes’ rapper said: “And that’s not to say that I don’t belong here. I absolutely belong here. But you still have to realise this is not your house. And that you’re a guest. Take Your shoes off and help with some dishes.”