J Cole shares new single and behind-the-scenes footage
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J Cole shares new single and behind-the-scenes footage

J Cole has released a preview of his new song and behind-the-scenes footage of his tour through his burner account on Instagram. The story was released as part of the 2014 Forest Hills Drive emcee’s Might Delete Later vlog series. 

The Fayetteville lyricist is currently travelling across North America with the Grammy-award-winning rapper Drake for his It’s All a Blur — Big As the What? Tour. Alongside lyricists such as Central Cee, Benny the Butcher, Lil Yachty and Sexyy Red, the emcee has been vlogging his journey.

Cole has been previewing songs via his vlogs. In his most recent Instagram story, the K.O.D. artist shared a song rapping, “Going to sleep at night, praying to God release the stress / Now I’m on G4 jets across the seas to decompress / My recent texts, how much you think? Hmm, decent guess! / They go, ‘Cole, who you gon’ kill on the feature next?”

Cole uploaded this latest instalment less than a month after his first vlog. The first video showed a similar behind-the-scenes footage of the It’s All a Blur — Big As the What? tour but was released through his burner account with the handle @mightdeletelater26.

J Cole hasn’t put out a full-length solo album since his 2021 project, The Off-Season. He has since confirmed that he will release a new album entitled The Fall Off this year. However, no official release date has been announced. 

Cole announced a new album was in the works last year on the track, ‘To Summer, From Cole,’ a track that appeared on Summer Walker’s EP, Clear 2: Soft Life. The EP was released in May.

The Might Delete Later vlog-style music videos are inspired by the legendary Smack DVD series from the early-2000s. Smack DVD was a raw, uncut series that gave fans a hint at what goes on behind the scenes with their favourite rappers.