Ice Spice calls her leaked song ‘Like’ a “throw-away”
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Ice Spice calls her leaked song ‘Like’ a “throw-away”

Ice Spice has responded to her track ‘Like’ leaking and referred to the creation as a “throw-away”.

Earlier this year, the Bronx rapper shared an EP of the same name as the new leaked track, however, the titular effort never appeared on the release. The song was produced by RiotUSA and has now appeared online, causing a storm with Ice Space’s devoted legion of fans.

She quote-tweeted an unofficial version of ‘Like’ with the caption “W throw away.” This encouraged her fans to beg for the rapper to officially release the track, but seemingly she has no plans to make their dreams come true.

Ice Spice recently teamed up with Nicki Minaj on ‘Princess Diana’. Billboard state the remix is the first US track by two co-billed women to top the rap chart in its 34-year history. It also marks Ice Spice’s first chart-topping release on the chart.

The collaboration came about after Ice Spice appeared on the cover of Dazed in March, which prompted Minaj to share her love for the New York rapper. “GAG!!! ‘The people’s PRINCESS.’ Catch it!!!” she wrote on Twitter. 

“Btchs slow so I gih dem a pass. [fire emoji] Nah. Grah! No more passes Princess… Let’s go,” Minaj also wrote under one of Spice’s recent Instagram posts, which contained footage and photos of her performance at Rolling Loud California earlier in the month.

Listen to ‘Like’ below.