How Wiz Khalifa manifested his friendship with Snoop Dogg
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How Wiz Khalifa manifested his friendship with Snoop Dogg

When Wiz Khalifa burst onto the scene in 2010 with his hit song ‘Black and Yellow,’ the culture didn’t know much about the young man behind the anthem. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Khalifa (real name Cameron Thomaz) was a clean slate, who brought a fresh sound to the hip-hop realm.

However, through his music and visuals, Thomaz quickly made it known that his first love was weed, with his craft coming second to his extra-curricular hobby. With his first album, Rolling Papers, boasting tracks such as ‘Roll Up’ and ‘On My Level’ featuring Too $hort, Khalifa built his brand around the drug and was comfortable doing so.

From his own line of premium rolling papers to his marijuana strain, Khalifa Kush, Thomaz forged a lane for himself and even developed a friendship with hip-hop’s lovable uncle Snoop Dogg. Notably, the two musicians filmed the stoner-comedy Mac & Devin Go To High School and released a collaborative soundtrack to accompany the movie. 

Khalifa’s friendship with Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus) was almost a sibling-like bond, and the pair made great music together. Aside from their shared love of weed, Thomaz gave Snoop and his music a new life. 

The Long Beach native had been musically irrelevant for an extended period, and although he had released projects such as Doggumentary and Malice N Wonderland, Wiz’s youthful creativity revived Broadus’ music and even image in a pretty extraordinary way. 

That said, in an interview with Talib Kweli for his podcast The People’s Party, Thomaz explained how he manifested his friendship with Snoop Dogg and played it out in his head before it happened in real life.

Explaining this, Thomaz explained, “I would ride around listening to Doggystyle. I don’t care what year, ’cause I got on in ’09 so this is probably like I got my license I don’t remember what year, but since I got my license, I always got Doggystyle in the whip, no matter which Snoop album came out, and I would listen to that shit, or I would watch him perform and be like ‘I’m gonna be on stage with that n*gga, I’m gonna be right next to that n*gga smoking weed with that n*gga because I’m so cool I deserve to be there, I have something o bring to the table.”

He continued, “Just by working on building my fanbase, his son became like a huge fan of mine, so he’s in the room. His oldest son. So he’s in the room smoking weed and listening to my shit, and Snoop’s like, ‘What the fuck is this?! This shit is actually hard.’ He had been gone such a long time not really feeling what was going on in music, so he finally heard my music and was like this shit is hard. so he reached out himself. I was on tour at the time when he was like, ‘Yo, I f*ck with your music. My son put me onto you!'”

The rapper concluded, “[Snoop told me] when you come to LA, link up with me don’t call nobody else. I was like ‘N*gga, of course, what the f*ck else would I do!'” From there, their friendship blossomed, and from simply telling himself he was going to collaborate and perform with Snoop Dogg in 2009, by 2012, the pair were releasing movies and music together.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa telling Talib Kweli about how he manifested his friendship with Snoop Dogg in the video below.