How Remy Ma met her soulmate in Papoose
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How Remy Ma met her soulmate in Papoose

Remy Ma and Papoose are truly the definition of ‘Black Love’. Brought together through their love of music, their marriage is a beautiful example of how even in the harsh, aggressive world of hip hop, love can be found.

Papoose and Remy Ma have showcased their relationship for years on the American reality TV programme Love And Hip Hop: New York and, by doing so, have helped change the negative narratives and preconceptions surrounding hip hop and its presentation of relationships. 

In an interview with BET, Remy Ma explained how there wasn’t a lightbulb moment where she knew that her current husband was the one. However, she had noticed, prior to even meeting him, that he was different from other rappers because he never included derogatory lyrics about women in his songs.

According to Papoose, the two met through a mutual friend, New York DJ, DJ Kay Slay. Remy Ma highlighted that on DJ Kay Slay’s mixtapes, she was usually included on the opening track, which was considered the top spot. However, she began to notice the name Papoose frequently appearing on the opening track while she was not. 

Papoose detailed how one day, he was in DJ Kay Slay’s studio, explaining, “the first time we met was actually in the studio between a mutual friend Kay Slay, and when she came in the room, I had never seen nobody talk to him that way, she threw her feet up on the table, she was telling people to turn music down, she was arguing with people she was telling people to shut up, and I was like WOW…I LIKE HER!”

He continued, “I just stayed quiet, I kept my distance and later on down the line, me and him continued to work together, and one day he called me, and he was like, ‘You, Remy Ma wanna do a song with you!’ and I was like ‘Oh, really’ and he was like ‘Yeah, I think she like you!'”

According to Papoose, Kay Slay dubbed Remy Ma as crazy, but regardless, he proceeded to get in the studio with her, where they collaborated on a song entitled ‘Bonnie And Clyde’. Recalling the studio session, the rapper disclosed, “before the session was over, I just asked for her number, and after that, the rest was history”.

Remy Ma admitted, at first, she was hesitant but realised over time that he was the one, especially while she was in prison. You can watch the full interview below.