How Eminem talked Fat Joe out of retirement
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How Eminem talked Fat Joe out of retirement

Former Diggin’ In The Crates member and Terror Squad founder Fat Joe is a New York legend who has worked with the best musicians in the industry, and since he began rapping, he has always made it his mission to uplift the career of younger MCs, operating as a mentor.

While gathering younger recruits such as Big Pun, Cuban Links and Remy Ma for his Bronx-based collective, the rapper (real name José Cartagena) was simultaneously recording and releasing music as one of the first and biggest Hispanic rappers ever. 

During the late 1990s and early-2000s, Fat Joe was rapidly rising to prominence. At the same time, Eminem was climbing the charts. However, although Eminem is one of the highest-selling rappers of all time, he had many tribulations trying to get his foot in the door of the music industry.

Eminem ended up signing with Dr Dre’s Aftermath Records, but Cartagena was aware of Mathers long before he landed at the door of Jimmy Iovine. Mathers was on Fat Joe’s radar in the 1990s. Still, he was so devoted to Big Pun and Remy Ma that he never really listened to the Detroit musician’s demo, even though he had it.

In an interview with Big Boy TV, the Terror Squad founder admitted that he was previously ignorant and even disclosed that Mathers once reminded him of the brutal rejection.

However, the two rappers have been good friends ever since then, and even when Fat Joe was in a feud with his close buddy and longtime collaborator 50 Cent, Eminem always had respect and time for the New Yorker.

That said, in an interview with Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller, for the Rap Radar podcast, Fat Joe, unveiled that Eminem once sat down with him for an hour in order to convince him not to retire from music when he was considering moving onto pastures new. 

Recalling his conversation with Mathers, Joe told the hosts, “Eminem, that man will do anything, you know he tried to talk me out of retirement?! I was in my mother’s house, shirt off, topless. [Then] my phone rings a number I don’t know. Thank god I picked it up. It was Eminem, and he starts tryna convince me for a whole hour, like ‘Don’t leave us’. He was almost depressed that I was leaving our era. He was like, ‘Don’t leave us! You still got it!'”

He continued, “[Eminem said] ‘I purposefully start listening to all your music to see if maybe you should retire, but there’s no way you got it’. Eminem’s a god! I don’t give a fuck what you think. He’s somebody who shifted the whole algorithm when he came out.”

Fat Joe even told a story about the late Big Pun and his love for Eminem, stating, “I remember me and Big Pun, Big Pun was the first Latino to sell two million records solo. We’re nominated for a Grammy, and the night before we go to the Grammys, we are waiting online in LA at Tower Records for the Eminem album!”

You can hear Fat Joe speaking about Eminem in the video below.