How 2Pac inspired Snoop Dogg to help the youth
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How 2Pac inspired Snoop Dogg to help the youth

2Pac and Snoop Dogg are two of hip-hop’s most beloved MCs. Rising to prominence by the side of Dr. Dre on Death Row Records, both artists dominated the 1990s, and with Dre’s ingenious churned-out G-funk classics that are still relevant to this day. 

Following the release of The ChronicDoggystyle, All Eyes On Me, and a whole series of Death Row classics, in 1996, 2Pac (real name Tupac Shakur) got murdered after a scuffle at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. However, before his passing, he inspired his LA counterpart to start an American football league.

In an interview on the Bomb1st YouTube series, former Death Row Records general manager Reggie Wright Jr. revealed that, although Snoop Dogg began the Snoop Youth Football League, he was simply building upon 2Pac’s idea. 

Wright explained that Snoop brought Shakur’s idea to fruition, explaining, “I know Tupac Shakur was the first one talking about that in the ’90s. Y’know, [Snoop] might’ve fine-tuned it a little than what Pac initially was talking, but he got that— stole that idea from Pac.”

However, he recognised the ‘Vato’ emcee’s determination and accomplishments by making it happen, stating, “There’s people in the NFL because of it, there’s a lot of kids that probably stayed off the streets and was playing football and went a different way in life, where they might’ve went the gangbangin’ life or something like that, because of the football league.”

Throughout his career, Snoop has earned a lot of money but has always given back to his community in a number of ways. Aside from his football league, Snoop has helped the young by creating cereals, television shows and clothing.

Earlier this year, the emcee (real name Calvin Broadus) launched a brand new animated children’s show called Doggyland – Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes, and continues to give back. You can hear Reggie Wright Jr. speak about 2Pac’s involvement in the Snoop Youth Football League in the video below.