Hear the Nas and Snoop Dogg acapella for ‘Conflicted’
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Hear the Nas and Snoop Dogg acapella for 'Conflicted'

Snoop Dogg and Nas are legends who helped define the 1990s in their respective cities of LA and New York. With two different sounds, the pair ran their coasts. Nas, with his debut 1994 debut album Illmatic was gritty, raw and edgy. Furthermore, he could tell a story like no other and had an unparalleled lyrical ability.

On the other hand, as part of the Death Row Records camp on the West Coast, Snoop helped pioneer the G-funk movement with his 1993 project Doggystyle. Concerning the 1990s the 1990s both Snoop and Nas were untouchable. However, they never made a record during their heyday due to the East and West Coast beef plaguing hip-hop. 

The two met once in 1996 before the MTV Music Awards in Central Park. However, there are various recollections of the meeting. In an interview with Arian Foster on the Now What? podcast, Snoop recalled how “[Tupac] had seen Nas in the park, and him and Nas had words, but Nas didn’t want none. He had 100 ni**as with guns. We was in New York, in Central Park, with 100 goons from New York [circling] us!” 

However, Nas has refuted this claim and even corrected the story. The Queensbridge lyricist clarified, “Where I was coming from really wasn’t an all-love place ’cause there was a rumour Makaveli [was] coming out, so I really wanted to check the temperature with him. At that point, we had to address the situation because they was in the city, and we had to step to our business.” 

He continued, “We had a great convo. He thought I was dissing him on the song ‘The Message’, [with the “fake thugs no love line].” Nas and 2pac had a great relationship from then on, and there is a rumour within hip-hop that Nas even laid down a guest verse for the All Eyez On Me album. However, it has never been officially addressed. 

Following the deaths of 2Pac and Biggie, both Snoop and Nas remained close and to this day have a mutual respect and friendship. Last year, both musicians appeared on a track together for Snoop’s album, B.O.D.R. and the collaboration was just as potent as one could imagine. You can hear the acapella and track in the videos below.