Snoop Dogg states that Nas’ attitude almost got him Shot
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Snoop Dogg states that Nas' attitude almost got him Shot

Snoop Dogg and Nas are both legends in their own right, with Nas’ being a lyricist who not only created a classic with Illmatic but also slaughtered Jay-Z and Snoop when he became the prodigy of Dr Dre. Together they are legends but it wasn’t always this way.

In an interview with Queens rapper N.O.R.E. on the Drink Champs podcast, Snoop revealed that his first encounter with Nas was far from friendly and could have ended fatally for him. Snoop, who self-admittedly used to gang-bang with the Crips in the 1990s, revealed that his first meet with Nas was in the Gardena area of South Los Angeles around 1993 or 1994. 

Snoop recalled how the Illmatic rapper pulled up in a white people carrier and jumped out wearing a red tracksuit. In LA gang culture, the ‘Bloods’ wear red, and the ‘Crips’ wear blue. Obviously, on edge as a Crip himself, Snoop and his crew went on the defensive. 

Snoop even disclosed that as Nas pulled up, under the impression that a drive-by was about to occur, he and his crew began to draw their pistols. However, once he saw the rapper, he ordered his affiliates to stop telling them, “Hold on cuz. That’s the rapper from New York named Nas, cuz!” 

After the meet, Snoop recalled telling Nas never to jump out wearing red or blue while in the hoods of LA as it would end in him getting killed. Snoop told Nas, “Look, next time you ride, here’s my number. You’ve got to call me first, man. You can’t jump out.”

During the podcast, Snoop even continued to detail his second encounter with Nas. However, this time, it was on Nas’ turf. Furthermore, Snoop was accompanied by an out-of-control, belligerent Tupac Shakur. Snoop recalled it was in 1996 when he Shakur and Suge Knight were in New York for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Vividly remembering the event, Snoop recollected that he and Shakur went to meet Nas in New York’s Central Park. However, when they arrived, Tupac allegedly confronted Nas, telling him that he had a diss track lined up for every East Coast rapper, including Nas. Unfortunately, a tad warier of what was going on, Snoop noticed that Nas had the whole of Queensbridge circling the park armed to the teeth.

However, remembering his first meeting with Snoop and the cordiality he extended, Nas decided to let the situation settle and extended an olive branch to Shakur, telling Tupac he loved him and didn’t want any problems. Since then, Nas and Snoop have remained very close friends, but they both know the friendship started on a strange note of misunderstanding. Below watch Nas praise Snoop on the red carpet.