XXXTENTACION’s essential playlist
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XXXTENTACION's essential playlist

XXXTENTACION was a rapper and musician with a fairly unique style that people latched onto quickly when he broke onto the scene. He began releasing music on Soundcloud, and blended rap and hip hop with elements of emo, rock, and even metal characteristics to create a unique sound that can be credited as an origin of more mainstream artists trying out this same balance.

Even as a prolific rapper and artist with a relatively wide body of work, XXXTENTACION, unfortunately, met an untimely fate long before his time. In June of 2018, he was killed in his native Florida at the age of 20. When he passed away, his fans showed an outpouring of love and support on social media, and he experienced a wave of posthumous success.

Even though he passed away so young, he left behind four studio albums, two of which were released posthumously. Whether you’ve been a fan of X since the early days or you want to start appreciating his mucic now, there’s a lot to explore of his.

XXXTENTACION was a great talent that had a wide impact on rap and hip hop long after he was gone, and he will likely continue to influence artists who appreciate him into the future.

Here are the essentials you need to know if you want to start listening to XXXTENTACION, or if you simply want to know his music a little better. There are a lot of sides to him as an artist, so this truly is just the beginning.

XXXTENTACION’s essential playlist:

  • ‘Revenge’
  • ‘Look At Me!’
  • ‘bad vibes forever’
  • ‘Hope’
  • ‘Jocelyn Flores’
  • ‘Sauce!’
  • ‘wanna grow old (i won’t let go)’
  • ‘SAD!’
  • ‘Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares’
  • ‘Moonlight’
  • ‘Take A Step Back’
  • ‘vice city’
  • ‘Carry On’
  • ‘NUMB’
  • ‘Depression & Obsession’
  • ‘Gospel’
  • ‘Guardian Angel’
  • ‘Looking for a Star’
  • ‘King’
  • ‘Arms Around You’
  • ‘I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore’
  • ‘Ex Bitch’
  • ‘Falling Down’
  • ‘Fuck Love’
  • ‘whoa (mind in awe)’