Hear DMX’s final guest verse on Chris Webby’s ‘We Up’
(Credit: Mika-photography)


Hear DMX’s final guest verse on Chris Webby’s ‘We Up’

Chris Webby has shared his new track ‘We Up’, which features DMX’s final guest verse before his death.

In April, the legendary rapper passed away aged 50 at White Sails Hospital in New York after falling into intensive care after suffering a cardiac arrest. Following his death, the Westchester County medical examiner’s office confirmed that “there was no circulation to the brain,” which caused DMX to lose his life.

It later emerged that Def Jam covered the $35,000 cost of his funeral in New York, reflecting the esteem the label held him in and his grave financial predicament.

Speaking about the new track, Webby commented, “This was DMX’s last ever recorded feature verse. Thank you to everyone who helped make this video. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

He added, “RIP to a legend and one of my (and so many others’) biggest inspirations as an emcee. We love you X, thank you for everything. Long live the DOG.”

On his verse, DMX spits, “I woke up and broke up what I had to break, Don’t take a earthquake to get this ground to shake, Don’t play, you know I’m sensitive, n****, Have ’em never be able to find the rest of you, n****, I was putting work in while you was jerking off.”

Watch the video directed by Rook Director below, which sees Webby alongside members of the Ruff Ryders Lifestyle biker gang.