Has Drake been making references to XXXTentacion in songs?
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Has Drake been making references to XXXTentacion in songs?

All too many new-generation rappers are losing their lives early, which is truly tragic. However, there have always been artists who unfortunately have untimely demises such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Big L. Nowadays, it is different. In hip-hop today, fans see fewer murders but lots of drug overdoses. From Juice Wrld to Mac Miller and A$AP Yams, it has become a serious problem. However, the notorious Florida rapper XXXTentacion did not see this fate. .

The Miami musician (real name Jaseh Onfroy) was shot dead in 2018 and had his big breakthrough with his iconic song ‘Look at Me!’. Known as an emo-rapper and rockstar-emcee hybrid, with his distorted 808s and twisted tracks, Onfroy was one-of-a-kind. However, despite his nationwide notoriety, some of the artist’s criminal foes still had unfinished business with the adolescent.

In 2018, only three years after the release of his breakout track, the rapper was shot outside a motorbike dealership in the Broward county of South Florida. Four suspects were charged with first-degree murder. However, only one has currently pleaded guilty and has been officially sentenced. For the other three individuals, the case is still ongoing. However, desperate to get his client acquitted, the defence attorney of suspect Dedrick Williams requested Drake give a deposition. According to Padilla, there was a potent beef between the Canadian and South Florida rapper in 2018.

The Toronto rapper (real name Aubrey Graham) refused to appear in court to give a testimony and didn’t respond to his multiple subpoenas. However, avid fans of the musician believe that since his unnecessary trial involvement, Drake has been referencing XXXTentacion’s death in his songs.

Before his murder, Onfroy posted on Instagram, “IIF ANYONE TRIES TO KILL ME IT WAS @champagnepapi”, which is Drake’s Instagram handle. References believed to have been made are both lyrical and visual. In the music video for Travis Scott’s song ‘SICKO MODE’, on which Drake features, an individual with the distinctive hairstyle of XXXTentacion features but then gets crushed by a rock.

In his song ‘I’m Upset’, the Canadian musician raps, “triple X That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck.” Furthermore, on his track ‘BS’ alongside 21 Savage, Graham states, “Damn, maybe I should do a twenty, maybe I should break that twenty, do a ten /Maybe I should break that ten, do a five, then if it gets live, do a five again / If he held his tongue on that live, he’d be alive again, damn.” Many have highlighted how in Roman numerals this would equate to XXX. However, no one can fully confirm they know that it is directed at Onfroy. You can see to what extent Drake is referencing the late rapper in the video below.