Gucci Mane drops Baby Racks just one day after signing him
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Gucci Mane drops Baby Racks just one day after signing him

Gucci Mane reveals that he has dropped up-and-coming artist Baby Racks within just 24 hours of signing him to a deal on Guwop’s 1017 record label.

Mane announced the news yesterday with palpable indignance. “Congratulations to @Babyracks1017 first artist to get signed and dropped in a day ‍that dude is not signed to 1017,” Guwop’s account tweeted.

Label co-manager Mane neglected to clarify exactly why he was dropping Baby Racks from the label after such a short term. However, the decision came less than a day after the rapper made derogatory comments about Houston following the death of Takeoff. Just 20 minutes after being dropped from the label, Baby Racks posted in reference to the Migos’ hit song ‘Versace’.

“I’m definitely not fw houston after DONT BOOK ME CAUSE BABY RACKS AINT COMING.” Followed by: “Y’all mad cause I said I ain’t coming to Houston lmao fuck Houston.”


With an expression of both anger and pride, it’s uncertain whether Baby Racks is happy or upset about his free agency as he bids Mane a sarcastic farewell. 

“Congratulations to babyracks appreciate the video appreciate flying me and my team out I appreciate that check Atlantic records sent thank you Gucci,” Baby Racks replied to Gucci Mane’s above tweet, alongside a deuces emoji.

Following the heated exchange, Baby Racks tried to reach out to other independent CEOs about getting a shot on their labels instead. “Ima free agent now youngboy get at me @YoGotti wassup @Jeezy holla at me @qcm_p wassup wit it @RickRoss wassup@gucci1017”

Mane and Baby Racks first linked up earlier this year when Guwop reached out to the Georgia-based rapper on Instagram. Prior to his would-be long-term deal, Baby Racks released the single ‘Look Ma I Did It’, which was recorded in collaboration with Mane. 

Watch the music video for the single below.