Giggs shares new reflective single ‘Time’
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Giggs shares new reflective single 'Time'

The King of south London, Peckham’s very own Giggs, has returned with a new single, and this latest offering has a slightly different sound to what we usually hear from the rapper. 

Entitled ‘Time’, this single is the first piece of music the rapper has released since featuring on NSG’s single ‘Nyash’ earlier this year. Giggs is sometimes looked to as the father of Gangsta rap in the UK, which has since grown and arguably developed into UK drill. 

With his deep vocal tone and sinister delivery, Giggs is known and loved for his edgy, raw gangsta lyrics. However, that is not to say the rapper isn’t capable of producing more benign songs. In fact, this latest song is highly introspective and peaceful. 

Over a dreamy piano melody, Giggs reflects on himself and his journey in music. Talking about everything from age to constant working, it is almost an ode to his self-growth over the years. With lyrics such as “It’s only up from here / Saw couple greys and touched my beard / Still out here lookin’ young, just lost some hair”, the rapper most certainly seems optimistic and unfazed about having aged.

Giggs hasn’t released a full-length project since his Now Or Never mixtape in 2020. However, having been on the scene in the UK for the good part of 17 years, the rapper, like many other artists from his generation, seems to be taking it slow and leaving it to the likes of Stormzy to spearhead UK rap music. 

Last month, the rapper shared his track, ‘Da Maximum’ with fans as his first solo release of 2022. However, as of yet, the rapper is yet to inform fans of whether or not this material is for an album EP or mixtape. Perhaps, like Nicki Minaj and Eminem, he may release a few new singles, incorporate them into a greatest hits album, and bow out this year. All bets are on. 

Irrespective of what kind of project the Landlord hitmaker is planning on releasing, this latest track, in its pensive glory, is most definitely a refreshing listen and signals a change in direction for the rapper. You can watch the video (which was directed by Myles Whittingham) below.