Future settles ‘High Off Life’ trademark lawsuit
(Credit: Frank Schwitchtenberg)


Future settles ‘High Off Life’ trademark lawsuit

Future has settled a lawsuit that alleged his 2020 album High Off Life and related merchandise impeached upon the copyrighted trademark of hip hop production company High Off Life LLC.

While the terms of the legal outcome are yet to be made public, an attorney for High Off Life LLC confirmed that a “mutually agreeable resolution” had been reached on Tuesday (January 3rd).

The case has been ongoing for some time now after High Off Life LLC filed a complaint against hip-hop artist Future’s Freebandz Productions, LLC, and Sony Music Holdings regarding the alleged infringement.

Future’s team used the legal argument that “a title will be protected unless it has ‘no artistic relevance’ to the underlying work or, if there is artistic relevance, the title ‘explicitly misleads as to the source or the content of the work.”

However, it was countered by the defendants who said that High Off Life as a title was artistically relevant to the work, and it intentionally misled consumers into thinking that there was a connection between the al um and their production. 

Future will be glad that he can now put this case behind him. In part, because the star was also recently sued over child support claims in one of many legal battles he has faced over the years.