Further details around DMX’s unreleased gospel album emerge
(Credit: Mika-photography)


Further details around DMX's unreleased gospel album emerge

A whole host of new details surrounding DMX’s fabled and unreleased gospel album have emerged as the hope for the LPs release grows. The late rapper recorded the album in 2008.

The album was never released but was intended as a double LP titled Walk With Me Now And You’ll Fly With Me Later with half of the songs entrenched in gospel and the other half intended to be full-throttle hip hop.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, producer Divine Bars has shared some of the details surrounding the recording of the album, including the fact that DMX laid most of the tracks in one night.

Divine Bars, real name Pat Gallo, confirmed that DMX dropping all of the songs in one evening was a necessity as he struggled to get the ferocious rapper into the studio. Gallo confirmed that DMX was still struggling with his crack cocaine addiction at the time, and after a brief, narcotic-filled trip to the bathroom, he returned to the studio to write and record an entire song in one sitting.

He would then keep on repeating the process, something that made Gallo “sometimes felt like I enabled” the rapper’s addiction. “He knew I would always be there,” he said.

The recording also came at a time when DMX and the producer were under apparent police surveillance, claiming they “couldn’t leave the house without getting pulled over.” Whether DMX’s unreleased gospel album will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

For now, listen to DMX’s final guest verse on Chris Webby’s ‘We Up’ below: