Freddie Gibbs shares cinematic new visual for ‘Zipper Bagz’
(Credit: Carl Pocket)


Freddie Gibbs shares cinematic new visual for ‘Zipper Bagz’

US rapper Freddie Gibbs has unveiled a new video for his song ‘Zipper Bagz’. The cinematic visual follows the release of his major label debut $oul $old $eparately in September.

Each of Gibbs’ recent music videos has showcased his skill as a rapper and actor. The video for ‘Space Rabbits’, for example, saw the musician set off on a debauched journey through a Las Vegas casino with the titular cosmic bunny.

This latest video for the Kaytranada-produced ‘Zipper Bagz’ is equally ambitious. The stunning visual opens with a voiceover of a Spanish man threatening Gibbs’ life over an unpaid debt. The rapper spends the rest of the video hiding out in a motel and trying his best not to get killed.

This video offers us another glimpse into Gibbs’ life as an actor. The IN rapper made his screen debut in Down With The King, portraying an antagonistic rapper called Money Merc. The performance earned Gibbs the title of ‘Best Actor’ from the New York Times. He’s also appeared in Bust Down and 50 Cent’s Power Book IV: Force.