Freddie Gibbs highlights racism in cancel culture
(Credit: Carl Pocket)


Freddie Gibbs highlights racism in cancel culture

Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs recently took to social media to highlight what he believes are double standards when it comes to cancel culture and black men. According to the ESGN musician, black males are held to a different standard to their white counterparts. 

After attending the Christmas Day NBA game in Madison Square Garden in New York, Gibbs took to Twitter/X to expose how Woody Allen, who has had many sexual abuse allegations made against him, was present and unphased while other figures who have been at the centre of similar scandals have been cancelled.

Gibbs wrote on Twitter/X, “We gotta cancel all our n*ggaz, but Woody Allen fucked his daughter and just be chillin’ at the Knick’s games.” In 1992, Allen, then aged 57, was accused of sexually abusing his 21-year-old adopted step-daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.

Despite his belief that African-American celebrities are more prone to getting cancelled, Harlem artist Cam’Ron insisted that he can’t be cancelled as he and Ma$e “started cancel culture.”

Earlier this year, the Dipset rapper questioned the sexuality of actors Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors and received backlash for it. However, he swiftly responded in an Instagram video by stating that he cancelled himself from the music industry years ago.

In a rowdy video, the ‘Oh Boy’ musician exclaimed, “How the fuck you gon’ cancel n*ggas who cancelled theyself, n*gga? Fuck is you talking about? My mom got sick in 2007, and I said fuck the whole music shit. I ain’t give a fuck. And Killa Season just went quadruple platinum, and [I] left the whole music business!”

Referencing Ma$e, who quit music to become an ordained minister, Cam’Ron continued, “When you quit, Murda, how many you sold after you left? Seven million? My n*gga sold seven million, then quit. You can’t cancel n*ggas who canceled theyself and don’t give a fuck. We left when we wanted to leave. Fuck cancel culture — we started it with ourself, n*gga. Sound stupid!” He added the caption: “We [started] cancel culture.”