Frank Ocean makes a surprise cameo in Bad Bunny music video
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Frank Ocean makes a surprise cameo in Bad Bunny music video

The ingenious and legendary Frank Ocean recently made a surprise cameo in the music video for Bad Bunny’s latest single ‘Where She Goes.’ Ocean is a mysterious character who has unfortunately remained elusive. As a former Odd Future member, Ocean gathered quite a cult following in the early-2010s. However, since his 2016 project, Blonde, the vocalist, has put out singles erratically and, sadly, been absent in music.

The R’n’B sensation intended to play a set at Coachella Arts Festival earlier this year. However, a fiasco led to his appearance being cut short, sparking backlash and confusion from fans. His reclusive and enigmatic nature has left most of his fans bewildered but appreciative of what little material they have. However, his recent appearance in Bad Bunny’s music video has given his followers hope that he might begin engaging with them again.

Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny has been a prominent figure in hip-hop culture for some time now. Since his appearance on Cardi B’s ‘I Like It Like That’ in 2018, the musician has secured his place as a credible artist and now has legions of followers. That said, after recently teasing a track, the rapper (real name Benito Ocasio) has released his latest single ‘Where She Goes’ with its accompanying music video. However, many noticed the elusive Frank Ocean in the video, and this has caused quite the buzz as the singer (real name Christopher Breaux) rarely shows his face.

In the video, Breaux appears riding on the back of a motorcycle. However, Ocean isn’t the only artist who shows his face in the visuals. The Stillz-directed clip also includes brief appearances from Lil Uzi Vert, Dominic Fike and the Brazilian football player Ronaldinho. Bad Bunny has been on a roll this year. Earlier this year, the Puerto Rican superstar was given the opportunity to the 2023 Grammy Awards and has been on an upward trajectory since.

This latest single was previewed to fans via TikTok, where he posted the caption, “Tell me if you like it, and I’ll send it to you via WhatsApp :)” in Spanish. The new track was written by Bad Bunny and recorded with producer Mag and the rapper’s engineer La Paciencia.” The song featured on his 2022 album Un Verano Sin Ti. As for the mysterious Frank Ocean, you can watch the music video for ‘Where She Goes’ in the video below.