Former Bad Boy MC E.Ness says Diddy is facing a “smear campaign”
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Former Bad Boy MC E.Ness says Diddy is facing a "smear campaign"

Diddy is facing multiple lawsuits and is currently being cancelled within the hip-hop community. With a slew of sexual harassment and assault cases made against him, the mogul has been at the centre of a media firestorm for months.

However, E.Ness, a former signee of Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment, has insisted that the entrepreneur (real name Sean Combs) is the victim of a “smear campaign.” Moreover, he professes that he is entirely innocent.

During a recent appearance on the Directed by CEO Nafees podcast, the 47-year-old explained why Combs is innocent and detailed why it is an evident and shameful “smear campaign” intended to belittle the businessman. 

Sharing his thoughts, E.Ness stated, “It’s a smear campaign! That’s what’s happening with Puff. It’s a smear campaign. And what they usually do is they go to your personal habits. They start attacking your personal habits, your girlfriends, your exes. Then they try to find something to attack you through those vessels.”

E.Ness revealed that he has known Combs for over 30 years and has seen his children grow up. He stated that Diddy would never do the things he has been accused of and should be seen as innocent until proven guilty.

Aside from his multiple legal issues, Combs has also faced criticism concerning the Harlem school he set up for disadvantaged African-American children in 2016. When it was founded, Combs promised an “elite education” would be provided. However, a recent exposé has uncovered a variety of problems with the educational establishment.

According to an article published by The Cut, the school has severe teacher shortages, an extreme number of students applying and then leaving, and students who don’t learn subjects for months. It also unveiled that there is an extreme amount of student violence.

You can watch E.Ness address the Diddy “smear campaign” below.