Eminem releases music video for 2009 classic ‘Crack a Bottle’
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Eminem releases music video for 2009 classic ‘Crack a Bottle’

Eminem is one considered of the greats of hip hop. With legendary songs such as ‘Stan’ and ‘Lose Yourself’ being among some of our favourite anthems, one Slim Shady song is suddenly making a comeback.

‘Crack a Bottle’ was first released in 2009 as the lead single for the artist’s album Relapse. However, the rapper never chose to create a music video to accompany the track. But now, after initially posting a teaser on Twitter, the artist has finally released the clip for his loyal fans.

This surprise comes in lead up to Eminem’s upcoming Curtain Call 2 album release, which is a sequel to the rapper’s 2005 album Curtain Call: The Hits, a classic body of work that reached the top of the Billboard 200.

In true Slim Shady fashion, the music video provides a dark, gritty comedy movie that shakes the viewer. Bringing a glimpse into the mind of the neurotic, the sequence is everything you would expect and more.

An epic, to say the least, the video depicts a suited man tied up with his mouth gagged while another writes on a grey, concrete wall. Viewers watch the man struggle to escape, while the other is encouraged by a duplicate, psychotic doppelgänger of himself.

Although the original song features both Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, unfortunately, neither appears in the music video in any capacity, merely their verses as lyrics that arrive in various forms on our screens. However, regardless of Dr Dre’s and 50 Cent’s absence, the video is still remarkable and a welcome surprise after almost a decade of remaining in the Slim Shady vault.

The video was originally set to be released this Friday, August 5th, but it appears that the rapper couldn’t resist sharing the project with his fans as it is already available in its entirety on his YouTube channel. The upcoming album is still to be released on August 5th. However, until then, why not watch the music video for ‘Crack a Bottle’ below.