Eminem has topped the Hot Christian Songs chart!
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Eminem has topped the Hot Christian Songs chart!

Detroit rapper Eminem, who is renowned for his use of profanity, expletives and potentially misogynistic language in his music has somehow managed to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart.

This miracle comes because of Slim Shady’s appearance on DJ Khaled’s new song, “Use This Gospel (Remix)” featuring Kanye West. To confirm that the song had debuted at number one, the organisation Chart Data tweeted, “Use This Gospel (Remix)” debuts at #1 on this week’s Hot Christian Songs chart,” the tweet read. “DJ Khaled and Eminem earn their first #1 hit.”

This is much to everyone’s surprise and the rapper is no doubt shocked himself. With his Marshall Mathers LP containing lyrics such as “Don’t you get it bitch, no one can hear you?/ Now shut the fuck up and get what’s coming to you / You were supposed to love me [Kim choking]/ NOW BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED!” Christian wasn’t exactly the vibe Mathers was giving off. However, after growth and evolution, 22 years alter here we are.

This has happened promptly after the release of Eminem’s second greatest hits album Curtain Call 2. Not only has the rapper, recently released this album but he’s also been tied up in the controversy surrounding Compton rapper The Game’s diss track against him entitled ‘The Black Slim Shady’.

Having already surprised fans by unlocking his 2009 ‘Crack a Bottle’ video this year, Eminem also recently spoke on his 2007 drug overdose and relapse, in an interview with his former manager Paul Rosenberg. During the interview, the rapper went in-depth talking about how he had to learn to rap again and rewire his brain.

You can view Chart Data’s official tweet below congratulating the artists and listen to the number one song as well.