Elon Musk reactivates Kanye West’s Twitter after a long ban
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Elon Musk reactivates Kanye West’s Twitter after a long ban

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, many accounts have been restored in the name of free speech, including figures such as Donald Trump and cultural commentator Jordan Peterson. However, Kanye West’s profile has been on and off more times than one can count.

Following West’s 2022 meltdown late last year, Musk suspended Ye’s account, forcing the rapper to consider buying the right-wing social media platform, Parler. In November 2022, the Chicago producer fraternised with right-wing extremists such as Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones and spouted socially toxic ideologies, causing outrage.

His suspension caused the ‘Stronger’ lyricist to switch to Instagram. However, after erratically platform-hopping like a madman, West then posted a screenshot of himself deactivating his Instagram account and vanished from the internet.

However, after a gruelling eight months, Musk has decided to allow Kanye back on the platform. According to the Wall Street Journal, despite his return to the forum, West cannot monetise his account, meaning adverts will not appear next to his posts. 

Musk and West had a conversation behind closed doors during which the pair agreed that the rapper could use the platform, providing he doesn’t use the platform to share antisemitic or racist views.

In a recent appearance on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show. California legend Ice Cube unveiled that he had recently spoken to Kanye about his well-being. According to the ‘Fuck Tha Police’ artist, the designer is “dealing with some people trying to hold on to his money. But for the most part, he’s in a good space.”

Fans of music, especially hip-hop, will be glad to see West back on the platform. However, the Graduation creator is known to self-sabotage, so no one knows how long this freedom will last.