Kanye West has deleted his Instagram account
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Kanye West has deleted his Instagram account

Kanye West has been on and off the internet countless times since his historic self-destructive rampage last year. However, this time it appears the Chicago entrepreneur and rapper has decided to remove himself. 2022 saw West erratically platform-hopping like a madman, but now it would seem he has had enough of Instagram. The self-proclaimed billionaire entrepreneur was forced off the internet only six months ago due to his controversial and incendiary posts. However, after recently posting a screenshot of himself deactivating his Instagram account, it seems the renowned musician has gone through with it, as his no longer present on the site.

Many will say it’s for the better following his slew of anti-semitic tweets and rants about Pete Davidson. However, many of Ye’s loyal fans rely on social media to determine if he’s working on new music. This latest instance is not the first time that West has decided to remove himself from Instagram, and if he repeats his past actions, we will likely see him back on the platform in the future. In 2018, West deactivated his account, and he did it again in 2020 following his pro-Donald Trump rant on Saturday Night Live.

However, although he has voluntarily deactivated on several occasions, there have also been instances when the Chicago native got denied access. Late last year, the ‘Stronger’ emcee was suspended from Instagram for posting what was deemed anti-Semitic hate speech. Furthermore, the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, shut down West’s Twitter account after he posted various offensive images, including a Swastika.

West had accrued over 18million followers on his now-deactivated account. Over the years, Kanye has devoted more time to continuing his mother’s legacy and doing good work in her name. First, he did it through music. However, now he is looking to do it through education. Speaking with Adam Camacho for an upcoming BBC documentary, the producer insisted, “Right now, I am living my life — like I’m concentrating on the school, The Donda Academy, and my new wife, and my kids, and that’s it. I just want to be left alone.”

Perhaps the above is the reason that West has left his fans in the dark concerning what he is doing and what he is thinking. Yoou can see the screenshot Kanye posted to Twitter below.