Druski reacts to viral Birdman scuffle
(Credit: MTV)


Druski reacts to viral Birdman scuffle

Maryland actor and comedian Druski recently got into an altercation with the Louisiana rapper and Cash Money executive Birdman. The debacle was caught on camera, and the comedian can be seen running away. However, the narrative perpetuated by the CCTV is not accurate. 

The footage uploaded by hip-hop media outlet TMZ on November 11th showed Druski getting confronted by Birdman, who had pulled up to the studio where the comedian was recording. TMZ labelled it as a “minor scuffle.”

As the confrontation escalated, Druski and his crew were caught on camera running away. The footage uploaded by TMZ came only one day after Birdman took to social media proudly boasting about snatching Druski’s chain.

However, following this post by TMZ, Druski insisted that much more happened before the footage of him and his crew running. Slamming the media outlet, Druski wrote, “Of course TMZ wouldn’t show all the camera angles… I HANDLED MINES [100 emoji] #WasRunningToTheTrunk #DatGetbackAMuhfucka.”

Druski is the founder of Coulda Been Records, a parody of Birdman’s Cash Money Records, and the comedian has been in the firing line since Birdman got caught up in Druski’s antics. However, many suspect it’s all a bit of fun with all parties in on it.

In an interview with the esteemed magazine Forbes, Druski told fans, “Hey man, y’all just gotta keep watching. You see, I gotta peek behind my back. We here, man. When your idols turn to rivals, that’s what they say. I ain’t saying too much. That’s all I’m a say.”

On one occasion, while playing a parody of Birdman on Instagram Live, Birdman swung through and confronted Druski after taking great offence, stating, “I’ve been looking for you, n*gga! I heard you was in my neck of the woods. I ain’t think it would’ve been gangsta if I pulled up on you … but you won’t come outside or inside, n*gga.”