Birdman confirms the release of new Cash Money music by B.G.
(Credit: MTV)


Birdman confirms the release of new Cash Money music by B.G.

Louisiana Mogul Birdman has recently announced that his label Cash Money will be active and releasing new music soon as one of its signees finally reaches the end of a lengthy prison sentence.

The rapper and businessman (real name Bryan Brooks) took to Instagram on September 9th to address his fans and let them know which emcee they can expect new music from. The musician uploaded a montage of the trials and tribulations his signee has faced while incarcerated and, in the process, revealed who he is working with.

The artist getting let out is the Louisiana rhymer B.G., a former member of the New Orleans crew Hot Boyz, which birthed Lil Wayne. Elated about his release Brooks captioned his Instagram post, writing, “[heart emoji] of tha streets my oldest son BG home @new_bghollyhood we bringing gangsta hip hop bak #original HOTBOY # cash money millionaire #UPTOWNLIVINLEGENDS #CCGGCMRG!”

Birdman recently appeared on the 85 South Comedy Show with DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean, during which he revealed that the former Hot Boyz member would be firmly a signee of Cash Money despite rumours. Affirming this, Brooks stated, “I just want n*ggas to know that my n*gga [B.G.] official Cash Money!”

The businessman continued, “Ya heard me? Ain’t nobody he can ever sign with beside this shit. I’m bringing all this shit together. B.G. signed to Cash Money so y’all don’t got to hear it from nowhere else.”

It was rumoured B.G. would sign with Southern rap mogul Gucci Mane, joining his label 1017 Squad, as last year he offered to give B.G. a $1 million record deal upon his release from prison. However, Birdman debunked this myth during his interview.

B.G. (real name Christopher Noel Dorsey) was released from federal prison on September 6th after an 11-year sentence that saw him imprisoned on weapons and witness tampering charges. The rap community, especially in the South, have been showing love towards the newly free emcee.