Drake’s armed guards reportedly “kicked” subpoena in XXXTentacion murder trial
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Drake’s armed guards reportedly “kicked” subpoena in XXXTentacion murder trial

The armed guards at Drake’s California mansion reportedly “kicked” a subpoena after they refused to receive the item regarding the murder trial of XXXTentacion.

The Miami Herald claim Mauricio Padilla, lawyer for Dedrick Williams, one of the three men facing trial accused of XXXTentacion’s murder last week tried to implement the notion which would require Drake to appear at court later this month for a deposition. However, when Padilla tried to deliver the document on February 14th, guards kicked the subpoena down the driveway.

According to Rolling Stone, the lawyer also filed the conversation between the rapper’s guards, and the process servers. Allegedly, the security repeatedly stated they had to leave Graham’s property and said they were not expecting a delivery or in a position to accept anything.

In response, one of the process servers allegedly told the guards: “It is only a subpoena for a virtual deposition, it is not even like a lawsuit bro.” After that was ignored, another server says, “By the way, I like Drake,” the guard replied, “I am not accepting anything.”

Additionally, they tried to serve the subpoena to his lawyer Bradford Cohen and asked if he would willingly “accept service on behalf of” Drake, but Cohen refused. He claimed the subpoena wasn’t in compliance with California law, and that he nor the guards could accept the document.

Although prosecutors don’t suggest Drake was involved in XXXtentacion’s 2018 death, Padilla previously suggested otherwise. He once brought up a tweet by the late rapper, which read, “If anyone tries to kill me it was [Drake]. I’m snitching right now.” However, XXXtentacion swiftly deleted the post, and referred to it as “bullsh*t”.

Drake is expected to participate in the court hearing on February 24th, despite still not accepting the subpoena and refusing to engage with the legal process.