Drake unveils music video for latest single ‘Sticky’
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Drake unveils music video for latest single ‘Sticky’

Earlier this year, Drake surprised followers when he took to social media and announced that his new album Honestly, Nevermind would be available on all streaming platforms hours later. The impromptu release, unsurprisingly, left fans excited and eager to hear what the artist had been working on, and since then, he has continued to gift us fresh material.

Despite his cancellation of the highly anticipated Young Money reunion with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne due to a positive Covid-19 test, his new music and October World Weekend performances have managed to keep him in the fans’ good graces.

Since the album’s release in June, the Toronto rapper has been not only performing but also releasing new and exciting visuals to accompany the project’s singles, with the latest coming in the form of the ‘Sticky’ music video.

In a follow-up to the video for ‘Falling Back’, the visuals for ‘Sticky’ are engaging.

The video begins with footage of clamouring fans at the October World Weekend festival that Drake regularly holds. Dark but full of energy, the rising energy of the crowd as the rapper reaches the stage creates a buildup and sets viewers up for the rest of the sequence. 

Shortly after this buildup, the video transitions to panoramic shots of the artist on a sailboat at sunset, hosting what appears to be a boat party.

At one point, the words “Free YSL” appear on our screen in a gooey-looking font, referring to the rappers Young Thug and Gunna, who are currently in jail. A bold and somewhat anti-establishment move from the rapper.

From the boat party, we are transported to a woodland lakeside where Drake sits in his Maybach, rapping, “The toughest act to follow’s back on tour/Off-road Maybach, Pyrex trap/ Virgil came back through the boy, damn.”

From here, we move to the final scene, where we see the rapper in a bustling nightclub among the crowds under the strobe lights.

The video, overall, is aesthetically pleasing and varied, with the rapper never staying in one place for too long. It certainly provides a blissful, uplifting feeling and can imagine this was the rapper’s intention.

This latest release from Drake will come as a welcome surprise to fans who have been spoilt rotten by the rapper with music, live performances, visuals and more. 

You can watch the full video for ‘Sticky’ below.