Drake is offering fans a virtual tour of his mansion
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Drake is offering fans a virtual tour of his mansion

Toronto rapper and singer Drake recently announced the release of his eighth full-length studio album, For All The Dogs, and as part of the project’s rollout, the musician is offering his fans a virtual tour of his mansion. The exciting look around is full of Easter eggs and surprise links to merchandise and his debut poetry book.

Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) is currently on his ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour with 21 Savage promoting their joint album, Her Loss, which was released last December. However, while Graham has been on the road, his team has made several changes to the artist’s website drakerelated.com one of which is the all-new interactive virtual tour of Drake’s mansion.

The virtual tour sees fans start at Drake’s front door. Akin to Google Maps, using arrows, website visitors can navigate their way around the property and are privy to the rapper’s expensive car collection, bedroom, pool, studio and more. The only places off-limits are his garage and courtyard, which are unavailable.

The rapper’s debut poetry book up for grabs is named, Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream of Consciousness and is a new venture for Graham. According to the Toronto native, the album is secondary to the book.

Earlier this year, the emcee took to Instagram to write, “I made an album to go with the book. They say they miss the old Drake girl. Don’t tempt me. FOR ALL THE DOGS.” Insinuating that he wrote the book first.

The house sees merchandise lying around the house which is then available for purchase with a single click, such as a Lollapalooza Chile shirt or his Nike shoes NOCTA. While this virtual tour surprises fans, another Drake shock is the young man who is currently accompanying him on stage.

Seemingly a younger version of him, fans began speculating about whether the image is a hologram, lookalike or AI. However, Complex reports the “young Drake” is a youngster by the name of Brooklyn Cox.