Drake gets bombed in the ‘You Broke My Heart’ music video
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Drake gets bombed in the ‘You Broke My Heart’ music video

Canadian singer and rapper Drake has released a new music video for his fans with a surprise cameo from the Tennessee country artist Morgan Wallen. These latest visuals accompany the track ‘You Broke My Heart,’ which appears on For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition, a follow-up to the lyricist’s EPs Scary Hours and Scary Hours 2.

The music video for ‘You Broke My Heart’ shows Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) and Morgan Wallen eating dinner in a cosy restaurant where the country singer rejoices that he has broken up with an unnamed girlfriend. The Tennessee vocalist tells Graham, “I didn’t like her. I think she might have been the wrong girl anyway.” Drake then asks, “Well, what now?” In response, Wallen simply says, “You tell me.”

After the two share a toast, they leave, get into a car, and as the pair begin to drive off, the track begins playing before two women, played by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris, proceed to blow up the vehicle in an act of revenge.

The action directly relates to one of the lines from the song, in which Drake raps, “I swear you’re dead to me / Does Mercedes make a hearse?” The two women also mouth the lyrics as pandemonium erupts following the blast.

‘You Broke My Heart’ is the last track from the ‘Scary Hours Edition’ of Drake’s eighth studio album, For All The Dogs. The extended reissue features six additional songs on top of the 23-track original, which received abysmal reviews. 

On the project, Drake aimed at several well-known figures, including Pusha T, Kanye West and Joe Budden. The latter accused Graham of rapping for “children.” It is unknown whether or not the Candian star has upcoming music with Morgan Wallen. However, earlier this month, he let his European fans know that he will be touring the continent in the new year.