Drake and Travis Scott feature on Spotify’s most-streamed list
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Drake and Travis Scott feature on Spotify's most-streamed list

Spotify recently revealed a list of their top ten most-streamed artists of 2023, and among some of the stars were Drake, Travis Scott and even the R’n’B singer SZA. As listeners enter the final month of the year, they are presented with an overview of their listening habits, and worldwide, many people are consuming Drake and Scott’s music.

The most streamed artist of the year was country-pop star Taylor Swift. However, Drake landed within the top five at number four, while Travis Scott sat at number seven with SZA right behind at eight.

R’n’B and rap superstar The Weeknd just missed out on the top ten, coming in at number 11. Although Drake and Travis were the only rappers to feature in the top ten, Spotify provided a long list that saw 21 Savage land at 13, and Kanye appear at number 14. Metro Boomin also secured his place at 14.

Although Spotify didn’t provide exact streaming figures for each artist, MCs have been taking to social media to share their ‘Wrapped’ statistics that unveil how many streams they have had over the course of the year.

Drake showcased his achievement of a whopping 11.5 billion streams. Travis Scott unveiled his 6.4billion, while 21 Savage had 6billion. However, streaming services are not the only companies disclosing their end-of-year statistics.

The website OnflyFans has released its data for the year and highlighted that its top celebrity earner was Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. The ‘Kream’ artist raked in $48million and even beat Cardi B, who managed $45million.

Drake and Travis Scott have both released highly anticipated projects this year, with Scott dropping his Utopia project on July 28th. Similarly, Drake released For All The Dogs on October 6th. Both bodies of work had a strong buzz during their rollouts.