(Credit: The Come Up Show)


Drake allegedly uses hot sauce to kill the sperm in his condoms

When you become a superstar of the calibre of Toronto rapper Drake, every little thing you do is heavily scrutinised. Whether it is by paparazzi, journalists or the strangers you meet from day to day, every single person in your peripheral vision is ready to note down every move you make. That notion, for Drake, has turned up one of the most curious stories we’ve heard in a long while.

The story involves Drake, an Instagram model, a condom and an empty sachet of hot sauce. If you’ve not yet connected the dots already then we bless your sweet and innocent mind.

According to MTO News, the story goes that Drake and the model had been flirting on the social media platform for some time before eventually deciding to meet up at his hotel room. after a few blunts and a bit of extra flirting, Drake asked the model if she wanted to have sex and the two proceeded to engage in their conjugal meeting.

Things took a slightly strange turn, however, when the model in question then allegedly decided to fish out the used condom in an apparent attempt to covertly impregnate herself.

A nasty surprise was in store for the model as she emptied the contents of the condom she noticed a severe stinging coming from her nether regions. The model screamed the hotel room down and Drake naturally went into the bathroom to investigate her cries.

The Canadian rapper realised the issue almost immediately and admitted that he had poured a sachet of hot sauce into the condom so as to “kill the sperm” the report notes.

It is now suggested that the model will attempt to pursue a lawsuit against Drake for reparations in consideration of the incident. While it seems extremely farcical to pursue such a thing, we’d also assume the same about hot sauce killing sperm, so who knows?