Drake shares his thoughts on an AI-generated ‘cover’ of him singing Ice Spice’s ‘Munch’
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Drake shares his thoughts on an AI-generated 'cover' of him singing Ice Spice's 'Munch'

As the dominance of AI has risen in recent years, musicians are now facing new concerns, such as their likeness being used to ‘cover’ other songs without their consent. 

Recently, Drake’s voice has been fed through AI software to create covers of tracks such as Cardi B’s ‘Wap’ and ‘Don’t’ by Bryson Tiller. His voice has even been used to cover the K-pop track ‘OMG’ by NewJeans, which went viral.

However, the latest song to receive the AI Drake treatment is ‘Munch’ by Ice Spice, which blew up in popularity last year, partly thanks to Drake spotlighting the track on his Sirius XM station, Sound 42. 

Taking to Instagram, the Canadian rapper posted a screenshot of a news article about the song to his Story with the caption, “This is the final straw AI.” The ‘Drake’ version of the track allows fans to hear the rapper’s ‘voice’ deliver lines such as “Ass too fat, can’t fit in no jeans, you was my stitch, but it’s not what it seams.”

The rise in AI technology is a concern for many labels, such as UMG, who told the Financial Times, “We have a moral and commercial responsibility to our artists to work to prevent the unauthorized use of their music and to stop platforms from ingesting content that violates the rights of artists and other creators.”