Nicki Minaj calls Ice Spice “Princess” of rap
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Nicki Minaj calls Ice Spice "Princess" of rap

One of the hottest female rappers on the block, Ice Spice, has reacted after her hero Nicki Minaj labelled her a “Princess” of the genre on social media. 

Nicki Minaj put her support behind the ‘in ha mood’ musician last weekend by following her on Instagram and commenting on one of her photos to label her a “Princess”. “Btchs slow so I gih dem a pass. [fire emoji] Nah. Grah! No more passes Princess… Let’s go,” Nicki wrote under one of Spice’s recent Instagram posts, which contained footage and photos of her performance at Rolling Loud California earlier this month. Nicki’s caption references Spice’s Like..? track ‘Princess Diana’.

Reacting to Minaj’s support, Ice Spice took to Twitter and wrote: “omg.” This captioned the share of an old tweet from 2020 where she jokingly rehearsed her response to Minaj eventually following her. “OMG NICKI JUST FOLLOWED ME AGHHHHH!!! [love heart emoji],” read the tweet from November 2020, which was followed by another explaining that she was: “practicing.”

Recently, Ice Spice has detailed her love for Nick Minaj. “When I saw Nicki, I was so mesmerized,” she told XXL in January. “She’s the first female rapper that I seen. And ever since then, I was kinda set on what I wanted to be.” Then, during an interview with ELLE at the end of that month, Spice named Minaj’s 2014 album The Pinkprint as the one she has on repeat.

Elsewhere, during her Rolling Loud California show, Spice effused about Nicki Minaj, describing her as her “idol”. “I’m standing on the same stage where Lil Wayne and my idol Nicki Minaj were less than 24 hours ago, my life is insane,” she is reported to have told the crowd.

It means a lot for Nicki Minaj to support Ice Spice, as she’s not known to have the best relationship with the new generation of female rappers. At the end of last year, she was involved in a Twitter spat with Latto