(Credit: David LaChapelle)


Doja Cat acknowledges that her own merch is pretty terrible

Whoever designed Doja Cat’s merch is in our prayers after the 25-year-old rapper decided to slate it.

Bad merch is nothing new; for decades, artists have sold off anything they can at extortionate prices, making fans’ eyes water. However, one person who usually never slams their own gravy train is the person selling it.

The underfire merch is related to her forthcoming Planet Her album and features a range of reasonably standard clothing with NASA-style logos implanted across them at slightly excessive prices. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about the clothing, but Doja has apologised for them anyway.

Her tirade began when she responded to a fan who asked about who designed the merch and tweeted, “I don’t know.”

In a follow-up post, she then said: “The merch is bad. I’m aware. don’t worry.”

Later on, Doja then wrote: “Fuck this app,” and later added, “I’m part of such a shitty lame app. why do I keep posting shit here.”

As of writing, the merch line is still available to buy on Doja’s website despite her damning evaluation of the range of products.