DJ Akademiks slams J Cole for his Kendrick Lamar apology
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DJ Akademiks slams J Cole for his Kendrick Lamar apology

DJ Akademiks is a controversial commentator and has been involved in several feuds over the years. Between 2017 and 2020, the personality (real name Livingston Allen) was a co-host of the popular Complex YouTube series ‘Everyday Struggle’ alongside Joe Budden and Nadeska Alexis. However, he has had an online presence since the early 2010s.  

As an outspoken commentator, DJ Akademiks has recently decided to throw himself into the debate surrounding Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J Cole. That said, he decided to have an online rant.

During a performance at his annual festival, the Dreamville Fest in Raleigh’s Dorothea Dix Park on April 7th, J Cole apologised to Kendrick Lamar for making his diss track ‘7 Minute Drill’ and unveiled he is ashamed of the song.

While taking a break onstage, Cole explained to the crowd his feelings about his most recent mixtape, Might Delete Later, stating, “I’m so proud of that project except for one part [but] there’s one part of that sh*t that makes me feel like, ‘Man, that’s the lamest sh*t I ever did in my f*cking life.’”

Upon reports that Cole had apologised and effectively chickened out of a war with Kendrick Lamar, Akademiks took to Twitter/X to air his grievances. Expressing his anger, the DJ wrote, “J Cole apologized to Kendrick Lamar…WTF going on in rap…Nigga violated u…u retaliated, and u apologized. Kendrick might be right.. ain’t no big 3…it’s just BIG HIM. WTF!”

He continued to blast Cole and Drake, writing, “If Drake apologise to Kendrick Lamar…I’m Done with Rap. Imma cover and only listen to Country Music.” The podcaster then proceeded to speak about the pair’s collaboration, ‘First Person Shooter’.

Admitting he no longer likes Drake and Cole’s track, Akademiks wrote, “First Person Shooter don’t even hit the same after that damn apology. Drake might have to diss J Cole just for f*ck of it…How the hell we in a fight and u apologising to the OPPS… WTF.”

He concluded by slamming Cole’s self-perception, finishing, “J Cole literally said he couldn’t sleep cuz he DISSED Kendrick Lamar after Kendrick Lamar annihilated his SOUL on ‘Like That’….. This nigga think he Jesus. Talkin’ about ‘Take ya best shot imma take it on the chin’ nigga think he on some ‘turn the other cheek shit?”