Diddy’s ex-bodyguard opens up on star’s alleged violent past
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Diddy's ex-bodyguard opens up on star's alleged violent past

Since Cassie Ventura filed her lawsuit against Diddy last year, a slew of allegations have followed. Following the barrage of accusations levelled against the Bad Boy founder, a number of people have spoken out against the producer, asserting many of the allegations are true. This has severely tarnished Diddy’s reputation.

The producer (real name Sean Combs) had several affiliates during his prime, and the star needed security as a celebrity. Since Cassie sued him in November of last year, CCTV footage of Diddy emerged, showing him beating and assaulting Ventura, which has called into question Combs’ morality and attitude toward women.

During a recent appearance on VladTV, Diddy’s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, opened up about the rapper’s temperament and insisted that his violence isn’t limited to his partners.

According to Bonds, Diddy once had a personal chef named Jordan, who was supposed to let some housekeepers into Diddy’s home but didn’t. Bonds detailed that she didn’t let them in as she didn’t recognise them and wanted to keep Diddy’s children safe.

However, this resulted in Diddy violently pushing in the head and throwing her out of the door. Allegedly, this caused her to land heavily on the ground. Bonds unveiled that since allegations against Combs began in November last year, the chef has reached out to him as they have brought back the trauma of the alleged assault.

Bad Boy bodyguard Gene Deal has previously spoken out about Diddy’s conduct behind closed doors, and, aside from Cassie, four other women, including Kim Porter as well as producer Lil Rod, have spoken out about Diddy’s violent behaviour and sexual coercion. Some rumours about Diddy’s son, Christian Combs, have also surfaced since the ramped-up scrutiny of his father began.

As a result of all the above, Combs was recently stripped of his Howard University honorary doctorate. You can watch Roger Bonds’ interview below.