Diddy praises DJ Khaled for his “loyalty”
(Credit: Shamsuddin Muhammad)


Diddy praises DJ Khaled for his “loyalty”

DJ Khaled celebrated his 47th birthday this weekend, and Diddy was one of the stars among the party attendees. Khaled released a new album back in August of this year, which immediately took the top spot on the Billboard 100 and garnered Khaled a total of five Grammy nominations.

Diddy explained his profound respect for Khaled during the party. He said, “For real, Khaled, I was trying to think about like what I was going to say when I was giving you a toast, and I was just like, you’re one of the best friends a person can have. Your level of loyalty, your level of light, your fearlessness, your positive energy. Then like, you’re so lovable.”

He added, “I appreciate your loving me as a friend. You was king down here in Miami, and look at you now. God did! Khaled means immortal, and I have to say the only thing to survive is the songs. The songs will survive. Your songs, your hits, and your talent will live on forever. Happy Birthday DJ Khaled; make some noise.”

Khaled was born to Palestinian parents in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although his parents played him Arabic music when he was young, Khaled developed a love for hip-hop and soul, which his parents encouraged. When Khaled began working in the Merry-Go-Round record shop in New Orleans, he furthered his understanding of music that would play a big hand in informing his future endeavours.

Noting the humble roots that both he and Khaled came from, Diddy added, “You are the definition of, if you wanna make something happen, you gotta put in that work and make it happen. I’ve seen you from when we didn’t have nothing, from when we were just coming out from the mud.” Evidently, Diddy has a deep and profound respect for his friend and contemporary.