Jay-Z congratulates DJ Khaled on his new album
(Credit: DJ Khaled / Press)


Jay-Z congratulates DJ Khaled on his new album

Jay-Z’s one-take verse on DJ Khaled’s new track ‘God Did’ from his latest album of the same name has gone down in the lore of hip hop history as another sign of his effortless mastery. However, Jay-Z has been keen to transfer the spotlight onto the original hip hop Svengali, DJ Khaled. 

DJ Khaled enlisted and all-star ensemble for the album. Everyone from Drake and Eminem to Lil Baby and Future feature on the record with plenty of Lil Wayne’s and Rick Ross’ in between.

In fact, every track on the record features at least one star performer. This gives the album a unique feel. And Jay-Z has been quick to state that it’s a lot harder than merely texting the most talented people in your phone book.

As the Black Album rapper revealed: “It’s an amazing display of unity. It feels like an All Star game when these albums come out; it’s a beautiful time for the culture. Everybody’s tapped in and tuned in. No matter what they tell you, they all tapped in and they all tuned in and everybody wanna be on them joints too. Believe that.”

Adding: “Congratulations on an amazing album. People think it’s easy. It’s not easy to put all these people together and get greatness out of ’em — deal with so many egos. ‘Cause everybody wanna be the best and everybody’s trying to be, you know, whatever, whatever it is.”

You can check out Jay-Z’s contribution to the all-star fanfare below.