Diddy and Giggs holding exclusive one-night concert in London
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Diddy and Giggs holding exclusive one-night concert in London

South London rapper Giggs has recently teamed up with the Harlem label executive and Bad Boy Founder Diddy for a one-night charity concert in the UK. The pair recently released a track entitled ‘Mandem’ and are now joining forces for a special event.

Diddy revealed the special event via his Instagram on October 29th and disclosed they will be playing at the O2 Arena on November 7th. The rapper stated that all the proceeds will be going to charity. However, he hasn’t specified which charity yet. 

The flier also revealed that tickets are on sale on the Live Nation UK website. Posting the flyer online, Diddy wrote, “ONE NIGHT ONLY! Giggs x Diddy…Tickets on sale Wednesday!!! LONDON LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Diddy has taken an interest in UK music for a long time. In 2010, the emcee chose to record a grime remix of the Diddy Dirty Money track ‘Hello Good Morning’. Moreover, in 2022, the Harlem native was in the studio with Giggs, learning British slang.

Diddy recorded an Instagram story on November 27th where Giggs told him, “If something’s handled, I would say ‘Nah, that’s patterned, still,'” Giggs also gave another example, saying if someone asked, “Have you arranged the door, or for us to go in,” the response is: “Nah that’s patterned.”

Giggs has been teaming up with a lot of US artists since his 2018 appearance on Drake’s Scorpion. Earlier this year, the Peckham lyricist joined forces with 21 Savage 21 Savage for the song ‘By Chance’. The South London native also recently appeared on the epic Rap Radar podcast.

On ‘By Chance’, 21 Savage raps lyrics such as “When I get my Green Card I’m going straight to Brixton / I don’t do no hair, but all my Glocks got extensions,” he raps over the menacing production.”