Denzel Curry names his favourite rapper ever
(Credit: Denzel Curry / Press)

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Denzel Curry names his favourite rapper ever

Although there are many highly exposed mainstream rappers, some of hip-hop’s best artists take a back seat, and that is most definitely the case with the iconic Planet Shrooms musician Denzel Curry.

First arising in the mid-2010s, Denzel Curry is an intriguing figure. Born and raised in Miami Gardens, the act was assisted by the Floridian icon SpaceGhostPurrp following the release of his debut mixtape, King Remembered Underground Tape 1991–1995. Spotting his talent, Purrp invited him to join his collective Raider Klan. Gaining recognition as a local artist, Curry then decided to form his own collective.

Named C9, other members included SDot Braddy, Yoshi Thompkins, and POSHtranaut. While part of this collective, Curry released three EPs and, in 2013, released his debut album, Nostalgic 64. In 2015, he released another EP to critical acclaim entitled Planet Shrooms, which landed him on the 2016 XXL cover as a freshman.

Since then, the rapper has been on an upward trajectory and has become a prevalent act within hip-hop with exceptional bodies of work. Last year, the emcee released his fifth studio album, Melt My Eyez See Your Future and even put out a deluxe reissue with The Cold Blooded Soul Band.

Although the lyricist has released five studio albums, with his sixth, Designed by Angels, to be released next year, the musician is not often seen giving intimate interviews or press runs.

That said, in an interview with ThatNYKid for his YouTube channel, Curry answered a series of questions, one of which was about his favourite project of 2022. After a brief ponder, he disclosed, “I liked JID’s project a lot, I liked Kendricck’s project but I ain’t gon’ lie, Nas killed that sh*t! Nas’ project [was] hard! King’s Disease III that sh*t was hard!”

Curry was also asked who his favourite rapper of all time was, to which he simply responded, “André!” The Outkast emcee is an inspiration to a lot of the young generation of artists and has also been highlighted by Lil Yachty as his favourite rapper of all time. You can watch Curry’s interview below.