Daz Dillinger denies Suge Knight’s Death Row claims
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Daz Dillinger denies Suge Knight’s Death Row claims

Rap star Daz Dillinger has staunchly denied Suge Knight’s accusation that Dr. Dre duped him out of his rightful credit for Snoop Dogg’s debut album, Doggystyle. The album was released in 1993 and became an instant classic in the Death Row Records catalogue.

In a new development in a simmering debate, Dillinger posted a new video in which he deemed Dre the “best producer in the world” while maintaining that Suge was still upset over Snoop’s 2022 purchase of Death Row Records.

In a recent interview with TMZ Hip Hop, Knight alleged that Dre approached Dillinger just before the arrival of Doggystyle and offered him a deal to sign over his writing/producing rights to give the album a greater chance of success. With Dre’s name attached to the project, the album undoubtedly received more attention than it would have otherwise. 

Alas, Dillinger claims he never signed any contract and accused music industry exec Alan Grunblatt of malpractice. Grunblatt was the president of eOne Entertainment when the company acquired Death Row alongside Snoop. 

In his interview, Dillinger swore on “the streets” that Knight was lying, calling for an attack on the rapper. Presumably, the ‘Money On My Mind’ rapper would have brought his own fists into the equation, but Knight is currently behind bars serving a 28-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter. 

Meanwhile, Knight has promised to tell his version of the “truth” in a new biopic television series he’s working on.