Charlamagne Tha God defends his praise of 50 Cent
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Charlamagne Tha God defends his praise of 50 Cent

Charlamagne Tha God has indirectly responded to Miami rapper Rick Ross following backlash for his praise of 50 Cent. Earlier this week, the radio personality, real name Lenard McKelvey, lauded the Queens emcee as a “diabolical genius” and stands by his comments. 

During McKelvey’s appearance on the Brilliant Idiots podcast with Andrew Schulz, he addressed 50 Cent’s business practices, stating, “I’m a tell you why 50 is literally a diabolical genius… He’s telling people who the sponsors are so if they wanna harass Cadillac and AT&T, that’ll happen… don’t fuck with Fif.” 

However, Rick Ross, who has often been on the receiving end of 50 Cent’s taunting, fired back at Charlamagne on Instagram Live, exclaiming a diabolical genius “doesn’t file foreclosure, doesn’t file bankruptcy!”

He also opposed the term diabolical, ranting, “Crackin’ jokes on somebody don’t make you diabolical. That shit ain’t diabolical. N*gga just havin’ a little fun. Get to the money! Gettin’ money make you diabolical. That’s what make you diabolical, Charlamagne. Stop dickridin’!”

However, while hosting the morning radio show The Breakfast Club, McKelvey doubled down on his stance, stating, “I stand by what I said. 50 Cent is absolutely a diabolical genius. If you look up the word diabolical and the definition of diabolical genius, then you know that is exactly what 50 Cent is.” 

Firing back at Ross, he continued, “Now I will say, too, Rick Ross is a mastermind as well. He’s a master marketer. And you know why? Because every video he posts, he’s promoting something.”

Ross’ comments were undoubtedly fuelled by 50 Cent’s recent trolling and taunting of Diddy following his mounting sexual assault lawsuits, all of which he has consistently denied.