Chance the Rapper nearly died while making ‘Acid Rap’
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Chance the Rapper nearly died while making ‘Acid Rap’

Discussing his drug-binging days in a recent interview, Chance The Rapper has revealed that his drug use during the making of Acid Rap very nearly killed him. Talking to Complex to mark the tenth anniversary of the breakthrough LP, Chance explained that he spent most of the money he earned from the album on drugs.

“Oh, I probably would have died,” Chance began. “Definitely, from the way I was living at that time. I had everything in excess. Right after I dropped the project, I went on a few tours where I didn’t really make any money. But then I went on my first tour, my first headlining tour, where I made some money, and I went and rented a crib.”

“This was my first time living outside of my parents’ house in another city, and having money, and doing a lot of drugs”, Chance continued. “And just, like, becoming a different person – a lesser person than I am now. If I hadn’t had my spirit tugged on, literally, and a calling to be a better version of myself, then I would have died for sure. Then I would just be the representative of acid. And I’m so much more.”

Chance is set to bring Acid Rap to Chicago’s United Center to mark the LPs tenth anniversary on August 19th, 2023.

The show will be co-headlined by Chance’s Acid Rap collaborator Saba, who will perform alongside the likes of Vic Mensa, BJ The Chicago Kid and Twista.