Boosie Badazz says no one “from the trenches” listens to Eminem
(Credit: Boosie Badazz)

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Boosie Badazz says no one "from the trenches" listens to Eminem

Baton Rouge emcee Boosie Badazz is known for being extremely vocal in his opinion and has never been afraid to speak his mind. That said, in an interview with Cam Capone News, the ‘Wipe Me Down’ musician talked about the 8 Mile artist Eminem and insisted no one from “the trenches” likes his music.

Boosie was asked about Eminem following a rant by the infamous pan-Africanist and racial extremist Dr Umar, who insisted that Eminem can’t be the best rapper due to his race as someone not of African heritage. 

During his 2023 appearance on The Joe Budden Show, Umar explained his reasoning, exclaiming, “This is going to my African fundamentalism. No non-African can ever be the best of anything African. It is an insult to the ancestors, it is an insult to the race, and it is an insult to every Black person.”

He continued, “We gotta stop naming non-African people as being the best of any aspect of our cultural power because it is an insult … I can acknowledge Eminem’s talent. But for you to put him at the top, that’s white supremacy.”

Umar went on to name some other non-black hip-hop artists and highlighted how even after they make money from hip-hop, they don’t give back to the black community, stating, “I don’t see Eminem building no schools and hospitals. I don’t see DJ Khaled building no schools and hospitals. I don’t see DJ Vlad building no damn banks and supermarkets!”

Following this viral moment, Boosie was asked about his thoughts on Umar Johnson’s rant, and he seemed to agree with the fundamentalist. During his interview with Cam Capone News, he admitted that although the Detroit lyricist is exceptionally talented, his music does not land with people in the hood and doesn’t connect with people from predominantly Black communities.

Expanding on his feelings about Eminem, Boosie told Cam Capone News, “Where I’m from, we don’t listen to Eminem. I’m from the trenches. I never heard nobody come in my projects playing Eminem. I’m a keep it real!”

He continued, “When I hear him, I say, ‘He can rap.’ I always say that. But where I’m from, I never heard Eminem not one time in the speakers in my projects. I gotta be honest. None of my friends ever said, ‘Put Eminem on.'”

Last year, as hip-hop celebrated its 50th anniversary, many publications released lists concerning the best rappers of all time and many artists, including Eminem, faced backlash for their inclusion. Eminem got pushback from the likes of Melle Mel and Onyx.

You can watch Boosie’s interview with Cam Capone News in the video below.