Boosie Badazz says a Drake verse is more valuable than one by Jay-Z
(Credit: The Come Up Show)


Boosie Badazz says a Drake verse is more valuable than one by Jay-Z

Boosie Badazz has controversially claimed a verse by Drake is more valuable than one by Jay-Z.

His recent comments are an indictment of the generational gap between hip-hop lovers. Drake recently proved his worth with his killer verse on ‘Churchill Downs’ on Jack Harlow’s new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, and perhaps, Boosie has a point.

The rapper was speaking to Vlad, and he talked about how seeing the younger generation prosper makes him happy, speaking as a veteran of the game. “I don’t see how people can’t be happy for ’em unless you not happy in life,” Boosie said.

In response, Vlad said it could be down to financial reasons and jealousy about how much money the youngsters are earning. However, Boosie wasn’t having any of it.

“N***** just gotta stop hating, everybody gets their time to shine,” Boosie replied. “Just like they fucked up, most of ’em gonna fuck up the same way. When people do that, I think they should just stand up and say, ‘I fucked up.’ I think it be more on the older guy not having right now to shit on the younger artist.”

The two then vehemently disagreed after Vlad said: “A Jay-Z feature is still considered one of the most important features you could get.” He was interrupted by Boosie who claimed it was instead, “Drake.”

In truth, there is no set answer, and a Drake verse might be more valuable to one artist, and Jay-Z will have more worth to another.