Blueface invites Akademiks outside for a fight as beef levels up
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Blueface invites Akademiks outside for a fight as beef levels up

Blueface and Akademiks’ beef has reached a whole new level as the ‘Thotiana’ rapper took to social media to challenge the other to an all-out fight. The quarrel began earlier this month when the pair began arguing about each other’s careers and financial struggles over Twitter.

Over the weekend, Blueface called out Akademiks for hate-watching his Crazy In Love reality series during his No Jumper interview. The series documents Blueface’s rollercoaster relationship with on-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock and provided Akademiks with plenty of fodder for the ongoing feud. 

In response to the interview, Akademiks claimed that Blueface’s $1.5 million “camouflage” house is in preforeclosure and asked the “broke” rapper to provide financial documents to prove him wrong. He argues that the reality show is his desperate attempt at financial solvency as well as self-promotion. 

As it transpires, there’s an element of truth to Akademiks’ claim. Blueface explained in a tweet on Sunday that his lender is currently trying to repossess the property. However, the property is his second home, and the repossession is on the grounds of excessive “nuisance” calls.

“They tryna take my 2nd house because the police has labeled it as a ‘nuisance’ to the area due to…to many 911 calls for Robbery shootings fights ETC,” he wrote. “I know ak thought he ate an had a way to say he had more doe then me but money can’t fix everything ak has 1 house he’s renting.”

“Key word is they ‘trying’ garantee they don’t an I will still have more houses then @Akademiks at his old age,” he added. “Akademiks makes money off donations get a real job bro.” 

Akademiks returned fire once more, this time calling Blueface out for claiming that Canadian rapper Drake followed Chrisean Rock on Instagram because he’s “infatuated” with him, not her.

“Blueface on drugs guys,” he retorted. “it was confirmed to me by a few ppl and definitely once he said Drake followed his girl cuz he was infatuated with him… Cmon dog. Get some help.”

The argument boiled over on Monday when Blueface tagged Akademiks in a photo of a letter he received in April 2021 as proof that he has “had these homes for sometime now.”

“You rented out your first house last year I’m already on my 3rd bro stop it…it’s crazy work,” he added.

The spat culminated in the invitation for violence. After Blueface alleged that Akademiks is “barely leasing [his] first house at 31” and sits “in a room on twitch thanking people for donations playing with himself,” he posted a video of Akademiks challenging Lil Baby to a fight, and posed the same challenge to the podcast host. “I’ll take da fade ak?” he wrote alongside a boxing glove emoji. “Bet not turn the fade down after you said all that for lil baby your next response better be yo best caught you Ina mouse trap now.” 

The Twitter spat shows little sign of abating any time soon, with Akademiks logging back on later that evening to call for a DNA test to see who the real father of Blueface’s unborn child is. See highlights from the fiery exchange below.