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Drake once named his favourite Drake album

Drake’s latest album, Certified Lover Boy, has seen the Canadian rapper break countless more chart records and confirmed his status as the world’s most popular rapper.

Every album he releases seems to exceed the mammoth admiration of the last and makes an even more significant indent into popular culture. Certified Lover Boy led to one of the most one-sided weeks since records began 63 years ago, and he’s the only other act apart from The Beatles to have had all the top five spots in the chart.

He’s now got six albums to his name, which have all gone to number one in both his native Canada and the United States, but one takes the award for being Drizzy’s favourite.

Each of his albums has been met with a lofty level of acclaim from his army of fans. He’s yet to release a certified flop, and the only criticism really being levied at the artist is that all of his records sound too similar. After all, Drake has carved out a distinct style of hip hop that suits his flow to a T, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Reflecting in 2019 with Rap Radar, Drake revealed 2013’s Nothing Was The Same is his favourite. He explained, “As time progresses, I have a lot of people come up to me and be like ‘you know what? I like Nothing Was The Same better than Take Care,” Drake said. “It’s just time has to pass for people…”

Speaking at the time of the record’s release in 2013, Drake elaborated on the difference between the two albums. He said, “Take Care was about connecting with my city and connecting with my past and sort of still feeling guilty that I’m not in love with one of these girls that cared about me from back in the day.

“Now, I’m 26, I’m with my friends, I’m making jobs for people, I’m making memories for people that will last a lifetime. I don’t need to be in love right now. I don’t need these things that I maybe once thought that I needed to feel normal and feel righteous about myself. I think for the first time in an album I’m content—not satisfied—but proud of where I’m at as a person.”

He added, “The music I’m making is more concise, more clear, I’ve been able to get my thoughts across a lot better on this album. Take Care is a great album but I listened to it and realized where I could do better and I think I’ve done better on this album.”

Although Drake was already a star before the release of Nothing Was The Same, that album spawned many of his most beloved international hits, ‘Started From The Bottom’, and ‘Just Hold On, We’re Going Home’. The record elevated Drizzy’s status and felt like a step up from his previous work.

Since then, Drake has attempted to recreate Nothing Was The Same, and undoubtedly he’s done it successfully. However, whether he’s yet to better it is a different question altogether. If Drizzy says it’s his magnum opus, then who are we to disagree?